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Sunday, 4 August 2013

How Can i Play Android Games on Pc ???

   Tutorial : How Can i Play Android Games Free on Pc ?        -A Guide By Godhani Harsh       

Playing games and running apps on Android device, while on the go, is hell lot of fun. There are many incredible apps and games to enhance your experience with Android device.You can start using mobile apps such as WhatsAppViber and play Android games like Asphalt &Subway Surfers 1 & 2 ,Temple run 1 & 2 on your Windows based PC With This Software. :D
Have you ever wondered that if it is possible to run Android apps on PC or not? The answer is- Yes it is Possible! All you need is a software named ‘BlueStacks App Player‘ which will let you make this possible.

What is BlueStacks App Player?

BlueStacks App Player
 is a highly popular software and one of the best Android emulators that enables to run Android apps on Windows based PC. This is the first ever software of its kind. Since there are many people who wish to play Android apps on their PC, therefore, the BlueStacks app player has got a big user base. As of writing this post, this software has more than 5 million users across the globe.
With BlueStacks, you can all of your favorite apps and games on your computer. You can start using mobile apps such as WhatsApp, Viber and play Android games like Asphalt &Subway Surfers 1 & 2 ,Temple run 1 & 2 on your Windows based PC. To do so, all you need to have is the intended app or game. You might know that Android apps have .apk extension, so you need to have .apk file of the game or app that you wish to run on your PC. Of course, that is what you can download from Google Play. There is another good feature that you can search for apps and games within BlueStacks only. So, no pain of downloading them on PC first and then transferring to PC. Moreover, you can sync apps from your phone using BlueStacks Cloud Connect Android app.

Download BlueStacks App Player for Windows PC 

The installer that you can download from official website of BlueStacks requires  you to have Internet connection, because during the installation, it further downloads the necessary data. This is indeed not good for those who have slow Internet connection. It’s also not good if you want to install BlueStacks again, because for that, you will have to download the files again. Pain!

You Need To Wait For 10-15 sec. While Server Is Sending You File With Pro. Speed...

Saturday, 3 August 2013

How can i Trace Other Computers Location using IP Address?

 How can i Trace Computer's Location using IP Address?

-A Guide By Godhani Harsh

Sometime We got our pc's attacker's ip address but we don't know how we can trace him So Here is the solution.Let's Begin.To Know Your Ip address You can go to:
IP Locator is another freeware application from the TCPMONITOR website for finding all information about a particular IP address. By using this utility software, you are ableto find the owner of the IP address, the country or state name, range or even contact information. The application uses the whois server of ARIN by sending request to their server. I think this application is a real good utility for gathering the information about an IP. You need to download two small files,one is the IP Locator setup.exe file and the other one is the GeoLiteCity.dat file. Download them from the links below:
IP Locator v1 (1.2Mb)
GeoLiteCity (8.3Mb)
or download from the official website:
IP Locator
After installing the IP Locator, extract the GeoLiteCity zipfile and copy and paste in the IP Locator installation directory.

To find available information about an IP address, run the program and click on Trace IP Location icon.

In Find IP window enter your desired IP address and hit the OK button.
To see detailed information, click on whois IP button.

Bingo!! You Finded The Geographic Location.......
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